Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What does EH Sports do?

EH Sports assists sporting competitions with managing the logistics of match day officiating by not only taking care of all rostering and payments to officials, but also undertaking recruiting activities and assisting officials with professional development and accreditation.

What benefits do you offer that an officials association cannot?

Officials associations are traditionally run by volunteers and the amount of free time anyone can dedicate to an unpaid task is finite.  By the time the traditional officials co-ordinator has developed a roster and settled into the weekly duties of managing changes, absences, complaints, league meeting attendance and such, there is little time left for the more strategic aspects of the role such as recruitment, professional development and accreditation.

EH Sports not only manages the week-to-week administrative aspects of providing officials to your competition, we also help you to future-proof your officials’ base by undertaking our own recruiting activities to maintain your pipeline of new officials.  We also use video tools for in-season development of mechanics and rule interpretations in addition to working closely with relevant bodies to ensure that your officials progress through their accreditation pathways.

Are you in competition with officials associations?

Absolutely not.  On the contrary, we see ourselves as simply providing an additional logistical arm to associations to help them achieve their goals.  We work closely with all officiating associations, especially with regards to assisting officials transition through development and accreditation pathways.  We would encourage everyone to ensure that their membership is current and they remain active within their relevant association.  There will always be a need for officials associations – we are merely taking carriage of much of the administrative workload so that association committees and management can focus on higher-level strategic matters.

Can I still officiate in events that don’t have a relationship with EH Sports?

We do not hold ourselves out as an alternative “association” - we are an independent third-party so being contracted by EH Sports should not preclude you from being assigned to other events.  This is why we would encourage you to maintain your membership and participate in events recommended by your relevant association.