For Parents and Participants

Want to be able to turn up and watch your child play without feeling that expectation of having to volunteer out of obligation?

When your league or competition appoints Event Horizon Sports to manage their officiating logistics, you can be assured that you’ll be participating in an event that is fully compliant with risk-management practices and that your officials will be as well drilled as any you’ve had before.  You’ll find that signals are crisp and sharp, communication with you and coaches will be transparent and knowledgeable and rule interpretations will be accurate and consistent.

As a parent or support person, wouldn’t it be great to turn up, enjoy the game and not feel the burden of volunteering out of obligation?  As part of our service to leagues, we will always include options to source support people, including scorers and auxiliary officials.  If the league has engaged us to do that then your match day just got a whole lot more relaxed.