Sports Law

At Event Horizon Sports, not only do we have a sound understanding of the cases that form the foundation of modern sports law but we also stay abreast of new developments in sports law as they happen.

Using our associated legal business partner, EH Sports can assist you with matters such as:

  • Club/Organisation legal liability
  • Tribunal and appeal advice
  • Competition compliance
  • Athlete and coaching contracts
  • Navigating your obligations with regards to athlete selection and de-selection
  • Anti-corruption, match fixing and gambling
  • Social media obligations

Through membership of several sports law bodies as well as continuous professional development in contemporary sports law topics, we are well placed to provide you with soundly researched and up-to-date advice on whatever matters you require assistance with.

Cases and reports that EH Sports will be monitoring in 2023

Each year, new cases and reports are added to the body of material that is available for the analysis of matters of sports law.  The cases and reports noted below are a small selection of recent developments that EH Sports will be monitoring throughout 2023 and noting their impact.


NOTE: Event Horizon Sports is not a legal practice.  EH Sports works closely with our own legal business partner to provide you with well-researched, legally sound and cost-effective legal advice.