Facility Design & Management

Through membership of the Stadium Managers Association and the Association of Luxury Suite Directors, as well as undertaking site visits to many Australian and international facilities, Event Horizon Sports has a wealth of knowledge in contemporary stadium design and management.


Joe Robbie showcases the design for the most innovative stadium of its time (January 1985)

Director Pat Merrick’s first exposure to the concepts of modern stadium design was in the nineteen-eighties as he followed with a keen interest the development and construction of the then state-of-the-art Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, absorbing all he could about the foundational design principles – spectator experience, movement of people, support for matchday logistics etc.   Over time, Joe Robbie played host to multiple Superbowls but ultimately the stadium, in its original form, no longer met contemporary design principles and change was in order.  It was fitting then that on the fourth of January 2016, Pat was on site for the final game of the stadium’s original configuration before it was refurbished and a roof installed for the first time.

With decades of research into successful stadium design as well as site visits to numerous world-class facilities, Event Horizon Sports is well-placed to provide outstanding consultancy services with regards to stadium and sporting precinct design and ongoing management of sports facilities.  A small sample of standalone stadiums as well as sports and entertainment precincts that have been visited and analysed for what works and what does not is included below.

Lincoln Financial Field Philadelphia

An outstanding modern stadium that is part of a multi-stadium complex.

Verizon Center Complex Washington DC

Inner-city basketball and entertainment complex with effective use of neighbouring hospitality businesses.

Blundstone Arena Hobart

Stunning vistas and world-class playing surface but developmentally limited due to its suburban location.

Staples Center Precinct Los Angeles

The gold standard for incorporating sports entertainment, hospitality and events into one precinct.

Marvel Stadium Melbourne

An ageing stadium that nonetheless demonstrates the importance of efficient movement of people.

Turner Field Complex Atlanta

Decommissioned in 2016, an exceptional sports entertainment destination doomed by its location.

Jack Murphy Stadium San Diego

Demolished in 2020, The Jack was a prime example, like VFL Park, of the failed standalone stadium design of the 60s & 70s.

Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane

A case study in designing a facility with lack of appreciation for access, egress and convenience.

AT&T (Cowboy) Stadium Dallas

An enormous modern deign that lacks public transport access and has difficulty managing spectator movement.

At Event Horizon Sports, our knowledge base when it comes to modern stadium design is as up to date as it can possibly be.  We receive weekly updates on developments in the field of stadium management and you can be assured that when you seek advice from us, it is backed up by the biggest players in the business.  If you need guidance with optimising spectator movement, incorporating transport requirements into your design, maximising the spectator experience or enhancing the efficiency of matchday management, contact Event Horizon Sports today.