Officiating Logistics

AGL Womens League National Championship
    May 31, 2018

With over three decades of officiating experience across multiple sports to our credit, Event Horizon Sports in uniquely placed to assist sporting competitions with their officiating programs.

Recruitment and retention of officials has become a serious issue for sporting competitions in recent years, with the AFL as one example citing a shortfall of around 6000 umpires nationally.  Leveraging our extensive experience in the management of officiating logistics, EH Sports is able to assist sporting organisations to develop strong and, most importantly, sustainable officiating programs.  Instead of returning to square one every year, we assist organisations to implement measures that subsequently have a significant positive effect on retention rates.

Some of the issues that have impacted on the retention of officials include:

  • Poor support mechanisms in place by clubs and sporting associations.
  • Too much time away from family, friends and social activities.
  • Low pay or insufficient reimbursement for personal expenses.
  • Fear of liability and other legal issues.
  • Lack of opportunities to advance as an official.
  • Mental and physical stress that may lead to burnout.
  • For young officials, poor sportsmanship exhibited by players or not getting paid regularly/on time.
  • Pressure to perform at a high level of proficiency.
Case Study - Gridiron Tasmania

Event Horizon Sports has been engaged by Gridiron Tasmania on a rolling contract for the past three years to provide assistance with the management of their officiating program.  Through partnership with the Australian Gridiron Officials Association, EH Sports has become certified to deliver formal course content to gridiron officials in Tasmania and by engaging EH Sports, Gridiron Tasmania has developed one of the best trained and most effective officiating programs in Australia.

Case Study - GHBL

The Glenorchy/Hobart Basketball League, a competition running under the umbrella of Basketball Tasmania, needed advice and assistance developing and managing an officials program, they came directly to Event Horizon Sports.  Over the course of close to 300 games across multiple venues, EH Sports recruited and trained a number of new junior officials and helped the GHBL meet a 100% success rate with regards to providing full crews to all games.

The Event Horizon Sports team was very professional and highly
organised throughout the entirety of our season and any queries
that clubs had regarding rule clarification were addressed quickly,
thoroughly, and very professionally. The training that new officials
undertook was very well organised and very professional with a
valuable mentoring process in the early stages of our season.
I personally would recommend Event Horizon Sports for any
officiating that is required.

Brett Weldon
President - Gridiron Tasmania