With extensive experience in IFAF mechanics and rule interpretations, EH Sports is well placed to meet your gridiron officiating needs.

As part of our responsibilities to league administrators, we ensure that all compliance documentation is completed both before and after each game, including:

  • Team lists;
  • Pre-game checklists, including ground condition report;
  • Record of fouls;
  • Electronic post-game match report available to the league soon after completion of the match;
  • Supplementary documentation for disciplinary hearings if necessary.

In addition to organising and managing match day duties, EH Sports will liaise closely with the Australian Gridiron Officials Association to undertake training activities and ensure all officials are on the appropriate accreditation pathway.

To assist officials with in-season training, EH Sports uses the latest video tools to conduct weekly reviews of game play via dual-angle footage - one camera focusing on point of attack and another capturing wide angle.

Whether your league has one game a week or many more, we can take carriage of all your officiating administration for you, right down to managing payments so that your committee can focus on the bigger picture agenda items.  Contact us today if you would like to discuss options for your competition.

Are you interested in joining us as a gridiron official?

Whether you're an experienced official or just starting out, contact us if you're interested in joining the EH Sports team.